How we started

 In 2018 Joseph began his journey of transforming his gut health. He would walk the aisles of the supermarket looking for the latest health foods and supplements he could try. On one of these fateful trips, he discovered kombucha (which he had never tasted before).Going with his gut instinct, he took a bottle home and, in his words, “It was love at first sip.” He did not know it at that time, but his first purchase was Boon’s brand of kombucha.


The drink calmed his indigestion and piqued his business senses. A Google search about local kombucha led him to a brewing class by Boon. Joseph signed up for the class. The two were still strangers at this point. 

After that, Joseph began home brewing kombucha for personal use while his entrepreneurial spirit began to fizz. When he heard about the kombucha hype overseas, he knew he was sitting on a pot of fermented gold. After extensively studying the local market, Joseph approached Boon to join him as a partner and WonderBrew was born.

They are now on a mission to put Malaysians onto a healthier path and transform their sugar intake, one kombucha at a time. 



Most of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers to support the local economy. Buying local produce also means we know our food source, which guarantees quality and freshness right from the source.


We utilise a circular economy inproducing our drinks to reduce wastage and minimise our carbon footprint. 



Composting waste: We send all our waste raw material to a local farm which is then turned into compost.


Upcycled SCOBY: We collaborate with local fashion brands who turn our used SCOBY into vegan leather, which are used to make clothing, shoes, or handbags.


Minimise plastic use: Our carrier pack is made from recycled cardboard and our drinks are sold in glass bottles, reducing single-use plastic. 


Recycling programme: We reinforce positive consumption habits. For every 12 used kombucha bottles returned, customers get 1 new bottle of kombucha free. 


Small batch production: To ensure consistent quality to preserve the freshness of our product, we brew our drinks in small batches. We only produce new batches of drinks when we run low on supply.


Unpasteurised: Our kombucha continues to brew even after it is bottled, to harm the naturally occurring bacteria. It is what makes our drinks great for a healthy gut.