Monthly Plan A - 18 Pack (Subscribe & Save 19%, RM10.50/Bottle)

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For our regular drinkers, we hear your love for WonderBrew so we’re introducing you to our Monthly Subscription Plan A for our kombucha! What do you get in this plan? Well you get 18 bottles a month and you can also mix and match your flavours according to your preference and taste! It’s a great deal for our regulars who constantly drink kombucha!

Subscribe and save up to 19% with minimum 2 months subscriptions. Getting your hands on kombucha has never been easier with our monthly plan. Just pay, sit back and relax while we handle the rest and deliver monthly to your door steps for you!


Flavours (mix and match)

  1. Original 
  2. Nihon Green Tea
  3. Passionfruit Mint
  4. Purple Serai
  5. Beetroot Basil
  6. Acai & Black Goji (Premium)
  7. Tangy Kedondong

NOTE: Mix and match the above at any quantity per flavour to your preference with the EXCEPTION FOR ACAI & BLACK GOJI which can only be chosen up to 3 bottles per month. Just mention your selection under ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER upon checkout for our WonderCrew to take note.



Original - filtered water, organic cane sugar, black tea, oolong, organic Kombucha culture.

Nihon Green Tea - filtered water, organic cane sugar, green tea, organic Kombucha culture.

Passionfruit Mint -  filtered water, organic cane sugar, oolong tea, passion fruit, spearmint leaf, organic Kombucha culture.

Purple Serai - filtered water, organic cane sugar, green tea, butterfly pea, lemongrass, organic Kombucha culture.

Beetroot Basil - filtered water, organic cane sugar, black tea, beetroot, basil, organic Kombucha culture.

Acai & Black Goji: filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic acai berry, black goji, spearmint leaf, organic Kombucha culture.

Tangy Kedondong: filtered water, organic cane sugar, green tea, amra, organic Kombucha culture.



Delivery will be arranged monthly to you on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday, confirmed upon submission of order. Our WonderCrew will get in touch with you each time before your delivery.

Delivery only to West Malaysia only (except Kelantan & Terengganu).