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Even if you love kombucha or you're new to this fizzy drink, THIS bundle is for you! With Buy 5 Get 1 Free, you can mix and match flavours to your tastebuds desire. You could either stack up on flavours you love or try newer ones, the choice is YOURS! Snag this great bundle today and have it all to yourself or share it with your loved ones! Disclaimer: Only 1 bottle of Acai & Black Goji is allowed per pack


Flavours (customisable upon request)

1 x Original

1 x Nihon Green Tea

1 x Passionfruit Mint

1 x Purple Serai

1 x Beetroot Basil

1 x Tangy Kedondong


NOTE: Mix and match the above at any quantity per flavour to your preference with the EXCEPTION FOR ACAI & BLACK GOJI which can only be chosen up to 1 bottle per pack only. Just mention your selection under ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER upon checkout for our WonderCrew to take note.



Original - filtered water, organic cane sugar, black tea, oolong, organic Kombucha culture.

Nihon Green Tea - filtered water, organic cane sugar, green tea, organic Kombucha culture.

Passionfruit Mint -  filtered water, organic cane sugar, oolong tea, passion fruit, spearmint leaf, organic Kombucha culture.

Purple Serai - filtered water, organic cane sugar, green tea, butterfly pea, lemongrass, organic Kombucha culture.

Beetroot Basil - filtered water, organic cane sugar, black tea, beetroot, basil, organic Kombucha culture.

Tangy Kedondong - filtered water, organic cane sugar, green tea, amra, organic Kombucha culture.



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Delivery only to West Malaysia only (except Kelantan & Terengganu).